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WALLACE'S BRAT (novel extract)
shortlisted in the Commonword Children's Diversity writing prize

In Mediaeval Northumberland, spirited 12-year-old Maggie Wade is injured when she runs from Scottish men who have invaded her town. The enigmatic Scottish outlaw William Wallace saves her life and asks for her help to look after one of his own. She agrees, and her life changes forever. In present-day Northumberland, headstrong 14-year-old Annie wants to protect her Muslim friend Zuna from bullies. She is presented with the perfect opportunity when she is told about an underwater cave in which Maggie Wade hid. Past and present collide in this adventurous tale of danger, heroism, divided loyalties and friendships across time.


Written and directed by Milethia, this microshort will appear in a feature film along with other shorts, all of which were written as a response to the same premise:  " civilisation-destroying meteor, heading towards Earth, is discovered by NASA. Its terrifying, devastating and inevitable impact is announced from the White House. With only two hours left for humankind, what would happen?"

The film won an award at The London Screenwriters' Festival in 2018.

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