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From a young age, inspired by favourite books like The Hobbit and the Dark is Rising series, I developed a love for writing. I wrote copious amounts, even if much of it didn't make sense. I still remember the fear behind the smile on my teacher's face when aged 10 I proudly presented a 12-page rambling story about a monster. I now know that quality, not quantity, is the way forward.

As a child, I looked forward to the weekends when I could watch black and white film offerings on television like 'The Kid', 'The Proud Valley', Laurel and Hardy. Films with dance numbers were always a favourite - I remember seeing Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and thinking how amazing they were. Later, films like Jaws, ET, Poltergeist and Close Encounters captured my imagination. It is these experiences that fuelled my love of writing for the screen - and writing in general.

I write because I enjoy it - and the places my imagination takes me to; anything else that follows, be this placing in a competition or seeing a short screenplay come to life on the screen, is a bonus.

A proud mam, I am an avid Lindy Hopper and authentic jazz dancer and had just started Lindy Hop classes in the town where I live when lockdown happened. I look forward to returning to Lindy Hop when circumstances allow.

I work as a Communication Support worker - British Sign Language and Makaton - and teaching assistant in education.

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